This post is not about misleading email content

I got up early this morning to work on a post about misleading email content. Exciting, I know!

The thing was, I wasn't excited about it, at least not at 5:30am. And I wasn't excited about it LAST night when I sat down to work on the post then. What I do remember is the feeling of excitement when I first created the note in Evernote, the feeling of "Everyone needs to know about THIS."

That feeling wears off.

And then what do you do? If you're like me, when that feeling wears off, it's extremely difficult to get back into the "excitement phase" and bash out that post. You say, "I'll write it tomorrow night," or "It wasn't worth writing about anyway."

The thing is, though, that post may be worth writing. There may be another person out there who was thinking the same thing about that THING you were going to write about.

You're the kid who's afraid to raise his hand in class, thinking no one has that question, when in fact, you need to be the one who has the courage to ask the question for everyone else.

Just do it.

So, when it came to actually writing something this morning, I just wrote. I wrote for a good half-hour, just stream of consciousness pouring onto the screen of the iPad. The quiet taping on the screen, my dog curled up at my feet, and the soft "pitter-patter" of rain on the windows.

And you know what? It felt good. *REAL GOOD.*

What I learned this morning…

In our lives we get caught up in the idea of something so often that we forget to create that idea.

I loved the idea of a post about misleading email content. I loved the idea of sticking it to the company, publicly, that they screwed up. But I loved the idea more than the actual post. And I created this instead.

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Thanks Robyn!It’s something that I’m working on! Really struck me after doing some journaling yesterday morning. Might be something about getting extraneous ideas out of my head, allowing me to focus on what’s important.

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