Pardot Workaround: How to Upload Files with a Single Pardot Form

I recently wrote on how to upload files using and Pardot Forms. That solution wasn’t totally clean and simple, as it required placing two embed codes on the page – one for the Pardot Form, one for the Upload Widget.

I am happy to write that I was able to embed the Upload Widget within the Pardot Form itself! This allows you to only place one embed code in the final landing page, and allows for a cleaner layout.

What you need:

  • Pardot

Step 1:

Create your form as needed in Pardot. In our case, we were having customers place orders for branded marketing materials. This particular form needs to gather standard shipping-type information (name, address, etc.)

Pardot Form - Pink Button

Step 2:

Go to your account. If you haven’t created a folder for the uploads, do so now. Click on the […] icon to the right of your folder, and click “Upload Widget.” Upload Widget Animated GIF

Step 3:

Fill out what you want the upload widget to say. You can place instructions here if you want, rather than on the resulting landing page.


Step 4:

Copy the embed code from

Step 5:

Now, instead of placing the embed code for the Upload Widget on your landing page, you get to place it directly in the Pardot Form! Edit your Pardot Form, and go to the “Completion Actions” tab. Click the Source Code button, and then paste your embed code for the Upload Widget.


You can also include your Thank You message before the code, along with any upload instructions you want your audience to see.

Now you’re all done! Here’s how the final form and upload widget work together.



Make sure to test out the form and upload widget before releasing to the masses.

3 replies on “Pardot Workaround: How to Upload Files with a Single Pardot Form”

Hi John,

Thank you for this post, it’s a great solution. Couple questions: in your example, is your Form creating a Lead record in Salesforce? If so, how are you associating the uploaded files with the right lead records? It was my understanding that attachments aren’t possible on Leads, at least in Salesforce. Does Pardot allow attachments on Leads?

Any information will be greatly appreciated!


Thanks for the question, Diandre!

At the time we implemented this solution, we were NOT creating Salesforce Leads from our Pardot forms. We’ve now transitioned to using HubSpot, and we are now creating Salesforce Leads from those forms.

Either way, we are not attaching these uploaded files to those particular leads we created with the forms. In our above situation, we were using the form for a Dealer Channel marketing event, where we needed our Customers’ logos in order to create some marketing products for their end customers.

I did do a quick Google Search regarding Leads and Attaching Files, and I found this Salesforce post that might help?

All the best!

Thank you for the workaround, John! Very useful information, I just wanted to add that on the side of the access of the Upload Widget changed. When you click on the […] icon to the right of your folder, you have to select “File request”. The “Upload Embed Widget” option under “More Actions” is not there anymore…

Thanks Again!


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