Social Email – Are You Doing It?

We've all seen them.

The ubiquitous social media icons that are popping up like spring dandelions on email messages, commercials, print ads, and table tents at restaurants, plus whatever your mind can think of.  So much social media used carelessly, it's lost their meaning. 

So, when I get an email in my inbox from KEH Camera that stops me in my tracks, I needed to share the awesomeness with you!


Social with Purpose

Right away, I'm presented with a call to action, telling me to connect with KEH. Very simple, yet powerful message. With the body of the email, KEH does a good job of giving me, the customer, reasons to go and connect with them on their social networks. 

I also love the fact that KEH has given each social network a different purpose, and therefore, a different reason for customers to visit KEH on each social network. 

Congrats to KEH Camera on a great social strategy, and showing it off in an easy-to-act email message.

What say you? 

Let me know your thoughts on social and email. How do you include social call-to-actions in your email marketing?