Blog Roundup

What I’m Reading – May 1, 2024

‘Essential worker’ claiming vaccine side effects now seeks workers’ comp (Iowa Capital Dispatch) ““If an employer strongly urged its employees to eat healthy and consume green vegetables, it would be seem strange to conclude that an employee who choked on some broccoli at home would have sustained an injury that arose out of his employment,” Cortese stated in his ruling.”

Including this article mainly because of the above quote from the ruling judge.

China’s Moon Atlas Is the Most Detailed Ever Made (Scientific American) “With the updated atlas, scientists will be able to better understand the history of the Moon, evaluate potential lunar resources and conduct comparative geological studies. It will also inform the location choices of future missions, including where to build a lunar research base, Liu says.”

I’m a sucker for great maps.

When Burnout Is a Sign You Should Leave Your Job (Harvard Business Review) “While attempts to reduce or prevent burnout primarily fall to individuals, research has established that job and organizational factors that are largely outside of an individual employee’s control contribute to burnout at least as much as personal factors.”

I’ve been wondering a lot lately about individual responsibility and systemic or organizational responsibility. This article does a great job of reiterating that many employees discontented with their jobs do try many ways of “making it work” or “making it better.” However, there does sometimes come a time when an employee has tried everything and needs to realize that the system or organization is not changing.

A Forgotten Tradition: May Basket Day (NPR) “Perhaps considered quaint now, in decades past May Basket Day — like the ancient act of dancing around the maypole — was a widespread rite of spring in the United States.”

When the neighbor kids come around each May 1 with their Dixie Cups of popcorn and candy, I’m reminded of how much a fun-hater I am sometimes! I greatly admire those who find the time to make people feel joy.