Making Content Work for You and Your Business

I recently came across a great article on ExploreB2B by Susanna Gebauer entitled "7 Ways to Get Content to Work for Your Business". In fact, I've re-read it a few times now to take it all in and here are some of the takeaways I've had from my readings.

Here were Susana's 7 tips:

  1. Utilize Other Great Content
  2. Tweet Your Own Content
  3. Fuel Conversation on Your Published Content
  4. Use Content to Inspire Discussion on LinkedIn
  5. Run or Partake in Interviews
  6. Write an Article About a Person
  7. Make it Easy for Readers to Access Related Content

I could write a post about each of these tips, but I think Susana's done a great job providing examples. So, go read her tips. Now!

Okay. Back?

What'd you learn? What I learned is this: dialogue.

Dialogue you say, what are you talking about?

When you look at the theme that ties each of those tips together is about what you're doing as the content creator. Tip 1, Talking with the person who has inspired your content. Tip 2, Engaging your followers with content you've written. Tip 3, Conversation! Tip 4, Discussions! Tip 5, Conversation! Tip 6, Making someone else feel important. Tip 7, Get your readers to find more on the topic.

I'd love to have some dialogue! What do you all think?

2 replies on “Making Content Work for You and Your Business”

I think — well said. Bloggers (not Susanna, just in general) tend to add a whimsical touch to (social marketing) subject matter. I prefer your approach. Get down to the nuts and bolts of content strategy — be human. Do human things (ie talking like a human, to other humans). I’ve started training myself to stop saying what content do we have rolling out… and instead, how are we generating conversation today? There’s an agency called Brand Networks that has a different approach (specifically on FB), and I absolutely love it. What would normally be defined as (social) content creation, is story-telling to them. So, it’s not an editorial calendar, it’s story planning. I’m sure somewhere in that org chart is a Chief Story Teller.

Hey Josh, thanks for visiting. Isn’t story telling what it’s all about? I love how that reframes the conversation.Brand Networks looks pretty interesting! Going to have to keep my eye on that.

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