Big Boy Best Practices in Social Media

Thanks to the awesome team over at Brand Driven Digital, I came across an article from the New York Times on how some very large companies approach social media.

While not all businesses are naturally remarkable, they can all be interesting. It’s about the story you tell about your business. Focus on your secret sauce and your business will seem remarkable. “But if every brand is creating content, it’s content overload,” Mr. Eliason said. “Other sources may be more trusted. You need the right balance, which is getting others to talk for you.”

 A key point that I took home from reading the article was the challenge a lot of businesses face in not becoming a "me, too" brand.

“Focus on promoting what’s next,” said Frank Eliason, who runs global social media for Citigroup. “Lead the way as opposed to following.”

There's a lot of great information in the article. I encourage you all to take a couple minutes today to go read it!